Does reddwarf know the world is flat?

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Does reddwarf know the world is flat?

Post by falkor2k15 » Sun May 07, 2017 12:04 am

Would love to find out, but with a name like reddwarf... ... 1#msg76401

"I read the thread. Really interesting indeed. Cheese is not bs'ing. Concerning the last post:it sounds ok, but it really isn't. Its like in the old days in physics where philosophers made statements about the physical world, he is still in the old paradigm. Its like listening to a person who "knows" that the world is flat explaining this "thruth" to someone who thinks it might be round(ish) and that it actually really doesn't matter.

knowing how people think is not the same as knowing how to think!

Anyways beddie time. And again good luck to you all.


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