EC Pointers?

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EC Pointers?

Post by atlantis » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:09 pm

Has anyone tried such a system?

It's betting on EC and Line after a trigger of 4 DS results.

Track and record the standard DS (line) results.

Look back at the last 4 results recorded before making a betting decision.

The 4 results must be all different.

After 4 results are in check to see which High/Low has the MAJORITY decision - must be 3/1 in favour of one side or the other. This indicates an EC bet on the corresponding majority side - the High or the Low.

If it is a TIE between the High and Low results then wait for another result and look back at the new last 4 results to see if there is now a dominant (3-1 to H or L)

They must be 4 UNIQUE and different line results:
eg: 14625 - 4625 qualifies for H + DS2
eg: 44625 - 4625 does not qualify due to prior repetition on DS4.
eg: 446254 - 6254 qualifies for H + DS2


52415 - is a tie (2H/2L) = no bet

524152 - still a tie = no bet

5241523 - (3L/1H) LOW is dominant bet (LOW + DS5)

The bet is made with 1u on EC and 0.5u on LINE 5

After 4 DIFFERENT DS results where there is a majority of LOW or HIGH I am expecting a REPEAT DS to happen - it is very unlikely that you will get all 6 DS to show in 6 results (but it can happen) so my reasoning is that I should bet the dominant H/L EC as there is MORE CHANCE that the repeat, if it comes, will be in that section. The Line is also covered in case of repetition happening there...

Result can be:
+0.5 if EC wins
+1.5 if LINE wins
-1.5 if Lose

Stakes can be altered to cover 0 too if desired and take a smaller profit.


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