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An event MUST happen within a defined limit! Discuss facts relating to all Non-Random theorems and their general application in Roulette - based on multi-spin events, the limits of random, and deadlock situations that prevent Non-Random from working out of the box, so to speak. This means playing our own game, with the casino trying to predict and win over us rather than us trying to predict the next spin; individual spins are unpredictable - yet they are part of underlying structures over several spins that we must aim to exploit (or "crack") so that we can catch more wins (or spins!) within an event limit or before a deadlock. Includes discussions about other contested theorems and systems, such as winkel's Great Universal Theory (GUT). Money Management (MM), positive progression and ideas about hedging/stitching/parlaying bets is also encouraged here - keep to theoretical bias only - ahead of finding an actual winning method that works flat-betting.

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